Murder Conviction in 2005 Oxnard Case
Murder Conviction in 2005 Oxnard Case
A Ventura jury convicted a man of murder in a nearly twelve-year-old case from Oxnard. Isaac Sinsun, 32, faces 25 years to life in prison in the shooting death of Joaquin Castaneda.

Police discovered Castaneda’s body on an Oxnard street in November 2005. They found his car about a half-mile away from his body. Forensic examination of the vehicle showed that Castaneda was shot in his car, then left in the street.

Police identified Sinsun as a suspect in the homicide as well as a series of similar robberies that took place in the area at the time. Sinsun implicated himself in the killing while under surveillance. He was an inmate in a California state prison when prosecutors charged him in Castaneda’s death. Police also used new forensic techniques to connect Sinsun to the crimer. A Superior Court judge will sentence Sinsun in August.

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