Murder Charges for Three Oxnard Men
Murder Charges for Three Oxnard Men
Three Oxnard men will face murder charges in the shooting deaths of two men in May 2017. The three men, ages 22, 20 and 19 also face special allegations of multiple murders. In addition, they face a special allegation of murder in the commission of a robbery. They also face a special firearms enhancement.

According to police, the men shot and killed EMT Aaron Austin in the evening hours of May 16, 2017. Just moments later, the men shot and killed Eduardo Leon just blocks away. Police discovered his body in an alley in the early morning hours of May 17. Both men had young children and worked in the area. Prosecutors could seek the death penalty against the men. They could also opt to seek life in prison without parole for a successful conviction.

Police say that they located a single fingerprint at the first crime scene that identified one of the suspects. Detectives learned that the suspect frequently associated with two other men. Surveillance video in the area captured images of a vehicle that looked similar to one owned by the suspect. In addition, police connected the suspects to a third armed robbery the same evening as the murders.

Police collected additional evidence against the men, following the execution of multiple search warrants. All three men are currently housed in the Ventura County Jail. They have been denied bond. The men will return to court in early April on matters related to their cases.

Oxnard Murder Attorney

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Although California hasn’t executed a convicted criminal in more than twelve years, the death penalty is very much alive and well here. Prosecutors can seek the death penalty under certain circumstances, so your best bet is to work with an experienced murder defense attorney.

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