Murder charges for Louisiana man
Murder charges for Louisiana man
A Louisiana man already serving a life sentence for robbery, rape and kidnapping, was charged with three counts of murder in connection with the cold-case deaths of two unidentified women, one of whom was 5 months pregnant. William Chouest would have been eligible for parole in 2017. One of the victims was discovered in Ventura County. The other was found in Kern County.

According to prosecutors, DNA collected from the victims identified Chouest as a suspect in both crimes. The DNA samples collected from the victims and their clothing were tested in 2012, although the homicides happened in 1980. The samples were matched to a sample collected from Chouest while he was incarcerated.

In addition to murder charges, Chouest faces special circumstances, including murder while engaged in rape, murder while engaged in robbery and multiple murders, as well as weapons charges and habitual offender charges. Chouest has pleaded not guilty to the crimes. If convicted, he faces three life sentences without parole, as well as additional time for the weapons offenses.

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