Murder Charge for Ventura County Jail Inmate
Murder Charge for Ventura County Jail Inmate
A Ventura County Jail inmate faces charges of second-degree murder following the death of another inmate. Jeffrey Kibler, 53, died on September 11 in the jail.

Kibler left the jail on September 11 to receive medical treatment following what Kibler described as “a fall.” Medical personnel pronounced him dead just hours after he left the jail for treatment. An autopsy revealed that Kibler suffered injuries consistent with an assault, and were not the result of the fall Kibler had initially described.

An investigation into the death showed that Kibler and another inmate fought in the jail’s day room prior to Kibler’s injuries. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, there is no video footage of the assault.

Authorities detained the inmate thought responsible for Kibler’s death on a parole violation. He pleaded guilty to grand theft auto and resisting arrest in 2017. Kibler was also in jail on a probation violation. Kibler was the first of two VCJ inmates to die while in custody this year. On September 12, just one day after Kibler’s death, another inmate suffered a brain aneurysm in the day room and died shortly thereafter. Another inmate was arrested the following week for a serious assault on his cellmate that left the man unresponsive.

The inmate accused in Kibler’s death pleaded not guilty to the charge and seven related special allegations. He remains jailed on a $2M bond and will return to court next week on matters related to the case.

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