Murder Charge Awaits Man Following Ojai Traffic Stop
Murder Charge Awaits Man Following Ojai Traffic Stop
Following a traffic stop by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, a Greeley, CO man faces
murder charges. A deputy stopped Greg Boren in the Ojai Valley last month because the plates on the man’s car had expired. Boren said he did not have his identification, but gave the deputy a false name.

Deputies arrested Boren and a passenger in the car for suspected narcotics violations. A fingerprint check revealed his true identity. It also showed that the US Marshal’s Service had a warrant for Boren’s arrest. The warrant stemmed from a 2013 nightclub fight in which two people were stabbed. Boren fled Colorado, where authorities sought his arrest for attempted murder. Further investigation showed that one of the Colorado victims had died, so they upgraded the charges against Boren.

Ventura County officials dropped the pending drug charges against Boren to facilitate his extradition back to Colorado. He returned to Colorado to face charges there last week following an extradition hearing.

Authorities in Greeley also arrested another man in 2013 in Colorado in connection with the fight. Boren resided in California from October 2013 until his arrest last month. Someone recently told authorities that he may be living in the Ventura area. It’s not clear whether that information played a role in Boren’s arrest.

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Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab, via Flickr

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