Man catches identity theft charge
Man catches identity theft charge
A man who was found not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder didn’t get so lucky when it came to the rest of the charges against him. Brandon Michael Adams had been charged in connection with a plan to kill professional boxer Robert Ortiz, Jr. The jury did find him guilty of solicitation of murder, conspiracy to commit identity theft and multiple counts of identity theft.

identity theft used to fund murder-for-hire plot

According to prosecutors, Adams wanted to kill Ortiz because Ortiz was involved in a relationship with Adams’ wife. Adams’ wife has a child with Ortiz. At the same time, Adams and two other men, one of whom who worked at a credit card processing firm, conspired to steal the identities of people living in California, Nevada and Texas. Prosecutors alleged that Adams wanted to use the proceeds from the identity theft operation to fund his plan to murder Ortiz. The group unknowingly worked with a confidential informant, who said he could organize the murder-for-hire effort. Adams could be sentenced to as much as 14 years on the convictions.

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