If you’re going to commit a crime, don’t publish evidence of it on social media. This is a lesson 21-year-old Brooklyn native Jules Bahler learned the hard way.

Bahler, who calls himself Romeo King, was recently arrested on suspicion of armed robbery after posting a selfie while holding a submachine gun. As you can see in the photo below, Bahler is holding a long-barreled submachine gun in his right hand and a smartphone in his left. The photo quickly escaped from his normal group of Facebook friends and turned viral; thus, opening the doors to a law enforcement investigation.


Although Bahler’s Facebook account has since been deactivated following his arrest, he initially published the machine gun selfie along with the following caption: “Bought my first house And chopper today … lifes great.” But it wasn’t the caption that tipped off law enforcement, rather the brazen submachine gun Bahler’s holding in the Facebook selfie.

It didn’t take investigators long to identify Bahler, and the submachine gun depicted in his selfie, as the culprit responsible for robbing a Michigan bank. According to an affidavit by the FBI, Bahler entered the bank while brandishing the submachine gun, demanding the teller hand over cash. After receiving an estimated $7,000 from the teller, Bahler fled and went back to Brooklyn, New York. This incident occurred on the same day Bahler published the selfie to his Facebook account.

Federal investigators also believe Bahler is responsible for at least two other robberies, one involving a Credit Union branch in Pontiac and another involving a Bank of America. Surveillance cameras captured footage of Bahler on all three occasions, and authorities have matched his “selfie” face to the surveillance cameras. Between the three robberies, authorities believe Bahler got away with an estimated $15,000-$16,000.

Bahler was arrested while driving away from his home.  After authorities pulled him over, they searched his car and found the submachine gun that was allegedly used in the three robberies. Bahler admitted to the robberies when questioned by investigators.

U tripping brotha. I wouldn’t show that **** like that cops be watching,” said Bahler’s friend on his Facebook page. According to reports, Bahler was trying to save up enough money to move from to Pontiac, Michigan. Now, it looks like his new home will be behind bars for a while.

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