Major Oxnard Drug Possession Arrest
Major Oxnard Drug Possession Arrest
Last month, Oxnard police arrested a resident after receiving a tip that the man was selling marijuana and cocaine. A search of Daniel Forhan’s Halifax Lane home turned up more than 100 pounds of marijuana, more than 700 hydrocodone pills, two ounces of concentrated cannabis, a limited quantity of methamphetamine, and 5 ounces each of psilocybin mushrooms and cocaine. Authorities also confiscated nearly $500,000 in cash from the home. Forhan was charged with drug possession for sale and weapons charges.

Work with an experienced drug possession attorney

Drug possession convictions may not seem like a big deal, but depending upon the circumstances, you can spend significant time in prison. Authorities are less concerned with people who possess small quantities of drugs, but they’re very interested in people who have large quantities of drugs for sale. Even if you want to leave the drug scene behind, a possession conviction can severely limit your ability to find gainful employment in your chosen field. In California, felony convictions can also put you in danger of lengthened prison sentences, under the terms of the state’s Three Strikes law.

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