Lake Sherwood man escapes attempted murder conviction
Lake Sherwood man escapes attempted murder conviction
A Lake Sherwood man will spend time in prison for attacking his former wife but escaped a conviction for attempted murder. Instead, the one-time Goldman Sachs executive could spend four years in jail for corporal injury on a spouse.

Prosecutors claimed that the man tried to throw his former wife over a third-floor ledge in Westlake following an argument. The man’s attorney argued that he intended to hurt his former wife but did not intend to kill her.

The jury, including five men and seven women, agreed with the defense. The pair had been locked in an intense custody battle for more than four years. The jury could not agree that the prosecution had proven that he both planned and intended to kill her.

The man remains jailed without bond in the Ventura County Jail awaiting sentencing. He will return to court on July 2 for matters related to the case.

Lake Sherwood murder lawyer

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The law requires that prosecutors prove all of the specific elements of a crime to win a conviction. In this case, the prosecutor could not prove intent, one of the major elements of attempted murder.

An experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney will fight hard to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. When a case goes to trial, an exceptional defense attorney will work hard to make prosecutors prove each element. Don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney, or one who doesn’t want to do the work to defend you.

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Photo Credit: Charles Wagner, via Flickr

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