Juveniles Charged In Christmas Day Murder
Juveniles Charged In Christmas Day Murder
Two Ventura juveniles and a 20-year-old man face charges for a Christmas Day
murder. According to police, the three men approached the victim in a parking garage, then attacked him. Video surveillance captured the assault.

Police say the video shows the trio beating, then stabbing the man. The three suspects are known gang members, and police say this was not a random incident. Police arrested the adult suspect on December 27 and a juvenile suspect on December 28. The other juvenile suspect was already in custody for another incident. Authorities charged all three suspects with homicide, street terrorism and conspiracy.

The adult suspect will return to court for a probable cause hearing on January 31. He also faces additional drug and weapons charges for an unrelated arrest. He remains jailed in lieu of a $1.16M bond. Prosecutors also filed a motion to transfer the two juvenile cases to adult court.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk, via Flickr.com

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