Insurance Fraud Conviction for Ventura Woman
Insurance Fraud Conviction for Ventura Woman
A former Ventura County Human Services Agency was convicted of four counts of Workers’ Compensation Insurance fraud earlier this month. Linda Boggess filed a Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim in 2007, claiming that she was experiencing “paralyzing pain.” She received insurance payments for four and a half years, until she was cleared to return to unrestricted work in November 2011.

Following her initial clearance, she filed a new claim based on a statement from a new physician, who restricted her lifting to no more than 5 pounds. At the time of her second claim, Ventura County opened an investigation, and obtained video surveillance of Boggess lifting and carrying car tires mounted on wheels over a distance of 50 feet. She could be sentenced to as much as 8 years in jail, and faces a fine of as much as $150,000.

Hire an aggressive insurance fraud lawyer

If you’ve been charged with filing a false insurance claim, you need an aggressive insurance fraud lawyer like Robert Helfend. Robert Helfend will work tirelessly to get charges against you reduced or dropped. With financial crimes involving Workers’ Compensation, the prosecution has a desire to send a warning message to other people who are considering filing fraudulent insurance claims. It also has a desire to recover the misappropriated funds. In fact, they may place a higher value on recovering the funds.

That may work in a defendant’s favor because a person has a better ability to repay fines and restitution when they’re working. By avoiding a sentence that includes jail time, the program is more likely to recover its funds more quickly. A skilled, aggressive insurance fraud lawyer knows how to work with the prosecution to arrive at the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

If you’re facing criminal charges related to a Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim, work with an experienced insurance fraud attorney who will handle your case personally, and give your case his full attention.

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