Identity Theft Suspects in Simi Valley
Identity Theft Suspects in Simi Valley
Two men were arrested earlier this year in connection with an identity theft operation located in Simi Valley. Laron Bundley of Lake Elsinore, and Dennis Washington, who operated a copy shop in Inglewood were arrested following the identity theft of a Simi Valley resident.

Police conducted a lengthy investigation and determined that Bundley was connected to the crime. They served a search warrant on Bundley’s home and discovered a credit card skimmer, an encoder and an embosser, as well as false identifications, bogus checks and check-writing software.

Police confiscated more than $100,000 worth of items purchased fraudulently by Bundley. That included clothing, furniture and other household items. His home and car were also purchased using funds gained by fraud. Bundley, who has prior felony convictions, was also found with a handgun and ammunition, a violation of California law.

In addition to searching Bundley’s home, police also searched a copy shop in Inglewood that was owned by Dennis Washington. According to police, the copy shop was a front for a money-laundering operation run by Bundley and Washington. Bundley and Washington used the copy shop to create fake documents, including payroll records and utility bills.

Typically, Bundley and his wife would use stolen personal information to apply for additional credit in the victims’ names and max out the credit lines. According to police, hundreds of people were victimized in the scam, which produced more than $300,000 in fraudulent cash and credit.

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