Identity Theft Suspect Released Without Charges
Identity Theft Suspect Released Without Charges
Ventura Police arrested two suspects for weapons offenses and identity theft. The arrested man will return to court next week for arraignment on weapons offenses. He remains jailed on a $130,000 bond.

Police arrested the female suspect, but later released her without charges due to overcrowding at the jail. Initially, they arrested her on suspicion of possessing burglary tools and identity theft.

According to police, they were searching for an unrelated subject when they encountered the man and woman near the beach. Police recognized the pair as being wanted in a different investigation.

The man initially fled the scene, dropping the backpack he had been carrying. Police chased the man, and arrested him. Following his arrest, police determined that he possessed burglary tools. They also searched the backpack and discovered a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition. The man also faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon in a different incident.

The female suspect, who is 21, has a history of minor criminal offenses dating back to 2016.

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