Identity Theft Suspect Arrested in Thousand Oaks
Identity Theft Suspect Arrested in Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks Police have arrested a woman who they say stole wallets for identity theft purposes. The woman targeted patrons at local restaurants. Upon stealing a victim’s wallet, the woman would immediately use the victim’s credit cards to make purchases.

Investigators say the woman did not act alone, however. They connected a male accomplice to the case. Using surveillance footage, police identified the female suspect, a Tarzana resident. Investigators also connected the pair to similar thefts in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. They have not identified the male suspect, and he remains at large.

Police arrested the woman after serving a search warrant at her home. She faces six felony charges of burglary, identity theft and conspiracy. The suspect also has an outstanding warrant on two similar but unrelated charges in Los Angeles County. She remains jailed on a bond of $150,000.

She will return to court on October 30 for matters related to her case.

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