Identity Theft Rap Sinks Former Thousand Oaks Captain
Identity Theft Rap Sinks Former Thousand Oaks Captain
A former Thousand Oaks woman faces as much as 10 years in prison for aggravated identity theft. She also pleaded guilty to making false statements on a passport application.

The woman fled Californian in 1986, following the murder of her then-husband in Lompoc. Although a jury convicted a landscaping contractor of the husband’s murder, the man insisted that he had been hired by the woman’s boyfriend to kill the victim. The pair later married and divorced in Texas.

When she arrived in Texas, she assumed the identity of a dead infant. Using the assumed identity, she obtained a state driver’s license, a US passport and a mariner’s license. She also obtained TSA clearances that enabled her to enter secure port areas. She worked primarily as a boat captain aboard luxury yachts in Galveston Bay. Federal agents arrested the woman after she applied to renew her mariner’s license through the Coast Guard in 2016.

The Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office concluded that there is insufficient evidence to tie the couple to a murder-for-hire plot. Federal authorities, however, accepted the woman’s guilty plea in the identity theft case against her. She faces a two-year mandatory sentence on aggravated identity theft. She could also receive as much as 10 years for making false statements to a federal entity.

Thousand Oaks Identity Theft Lawyer

Although money motivates most identity theft cases, some people use it to avoid prosecution, or to simply “disappear.” Unfortunately, many common transactions involve state and federal government offices. Applying for a mortgage, credit, state identification and professional licenses all put you in contact with a government agency. Falsifying information on applications can lead to big trouble. If you’re facing identity theft charges, you need the assistance of an experienced identity theft lawyer like Robert Helfend.

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