Identity Theft, Drug Possession Arrests in Ventura
Identity Theft, Drug Possession Arrests in Ventura
Ventura Police arrested three men and charged them with a variety of drug offenses and identity theft. Investigators from the department’s Street Crimes Unit served a search warrant on a Ventura home. They had information indicating that the residents conducted methamphetamine sales from the home.

During the raid, police recovered about an ounce of methamphetamine, a small amount of heroin and a weapon. They arrested three occupants at the time of the search. Prosecutors charged one of the home’s occupants with felony methamphetamine sales and identity theft. A second occupant of the home faces a possession for sale charge. Police are holding the third occupant of the home on five outstanding warrants.

City code enforcement officials are also investigating substandard building conditions at the residence.

Ventura Identity Theft Lawyer

California’s Proposition 47 reduced the severity of certain drug offenses. The law still allows felony prosecution of certain offenses – including possession for sale, and possession of some drugs. Further, prosecutors look for other opportunities to prosecute felonies not covered by Proposition 47, including identity theft. The threat of prosecution for more serious felonies explains why you need to hire an aggressive, experienced identity theft lawyer like Robert Helfend.

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