Identity Theft Charges for Prescription Fraud Suspect
Identity Theft Charges for Prescription Fraud Suspect
A Grenada Hills woman faces charges of prescription fraud, identity theft, commercial burglary and insurance fraud. Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives conducted a three-month investigation of the woman, who illegally obtained thousands of doses of Tramadol.

According to detectives, the 55-year-old woman received nearly 5,200 doses of the drug from area pharmacies. The suspect routinely called area pharmacies pretending to be a local doctor or a doctor’s office staff person. During the call, she would attempt to fill a prescription over the phone. Once the pharmacy filled the prescription, the woman would pick it up.

In addition to calling in phony prescriptions, the woman sometimes used insurance coverage to pay for the drugs. Earlier this month, detectives learned that the woman would attempt to pick up a prescription in Simi Valley. They arrested her when she entered the pharmacy.

The woman currently faces 12 counts each of using a forged prescription, commercial burglary, and identity theft. She also faces 2 counts of insurance fraud. All 38 charges are felonies. The woman was released on her own recognizance and will return to court on July 5 for arraignment.

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