Identity Theft Charge for Oxnard Woman
ID Theft Charge for Oxnard Woman
An Oxnard woman pleaded not guilty last month to multiple counts of identity theft involving two separate thefts from elderly victims. Rachelle Farala, who acted as a caretaker for the victims, is charged with felony financial elder abuse, ID theft and forgery. She is also charged with misdemeanor theft from an elder and misdemeanor forgery charges.

An experienced Ventura County identity theft attorney

ID theft has received a great deal of attention from both state-level and federal-level courts not only because it has become a popular tool for local and international financial fraud, but also because it supports everything from illegal immigration to terrorism. If you need a reason to hire an experienced Ventura County identity theft attorney, this is it!

California takes a very punitive approach to punishing people who have been convicted of second and third felony offenses. Under state law, the prison terms increase substantially, so a primary objective of your attorney should be to get charges against you reduced or dropped.

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The experience of an identity theft attorney is critical to the success of your defense. If you’ve been arrested for theft, fraud or a related offense, crime, Ventura County criminal defense attorney Robert Helfend is ready to take your case.

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