Identity theft charge for Ojai son
Identity theft charge for Ojai son
An Ojai man was arrested and charged with identity theft after allegedly stealing money from his father. The son allegedly called police claiming that a man he’d hired to manage his 85-year-old father’s finances was stealing the man’s money. The son, George Hallmark, claimed that the thefts had occurred between December 2015 and March 2016.

An investigation by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office showed that Hallmark and his former girlfriend had used the victim’s money illegally for about three years, opening credit cards in the victim’s name and allowing the debt to accumulate. According to the police, the theft of money meant that the victim’s home had fallen into disrepair and had become uninhabitable.
Hallmark and Michelle Fearing, 47, of Ojai, admitted to using the money at casinos throughout Southern California.

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