Identity Theft Charge for Camarillo Caregiver
Identity Theft Charge for Camarillo Caregiver
A Camarillo woman faces charge of identity theft after opening a credit line in a patient’s name. According to Simi Valley Police, the victim contacted them to report credit card fraud. A credit card company placed a call to her to inquire about an account in her name. She then indicated that she had never opened the account in question.

According to investigators, the victim had hired the caregiver several years earlier to walk her dog and clean her house. Eventually, the suspect took on more care responsibilities for the terminally ill woman. Using the victim’s personal information, the suspect opened a line of credit and made about $11,000 worth of purchases. She committed the fraud over a period of six months.

The woman faces charges of identity theft from an elder or dependent adult. She is free on a $50,000 bond and will return to court on April 17 for arraignment.

Simi Valley Identity Theft Lawyer

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