Identity Theft Charge Awaits Girlfriend of VC suspect
Identity Theft Charge Awaits Girlfriend of VC suspect
A man awaiting extradition to Ventura County on identity theft charges will spend more time in an Arkansas jail. The suspect, Nicholas Lowe and his girlfriend, Maxine Feldstein, hoped for an early reunion. Lowe, however, sat in the Washington County (Arkansas) Jail.

Ventura County authorities wanted to extradite Lowe back to California to answer to identity theft charges in Simi Valley. Feldstein contacted Washington County Sheriff’s Department officials and posed as a Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy. She told Washington County officials that Ventura County wanted to cancel its extradition request. Feldstein indicated that the Ventura County Jail was overcrowded. Since Lowe’s arrest represented a low priority, the county no longer wanted to extradite Lowe. Without the pending hold request, Washington County officials released Lowe.

Two days after his release, Ventura County officials contacted Washington County to make extradition arrangements. That’s when Washington County officials revealed the circumstances of Lowe’s erroneous release. Washington County officials issued a new warrant for Lowe’s arrest, and a second warrant for Feldstein. Two and a half weeks later, Washington County officials arrested the pair, and they remain jailed there. Once Lowe’s latest issue with Washington County is resolved, he return to Ventura County to address his outstanding warrant.

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