Khalifa performing at Under the Influence of Music Tour 2012 in Toronto via Wikimedia Commons.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, who’s better known as hip-hop/rap superstar ‘Wiz Khalifa‘, was arrested on the morning of May 25 for possession of marijuana while attempting to fly from El Paso to Dallas, Texas.

According to reports, a Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) agent at the El Paso airport pulled the 26-year-old rapper aside for a pat down because Khalifa failed to provide proper identification. Upon searching Khalifa, the TSA agent discovered a small “canister” with a green, leafy substance that was believed to be marijuana.

Khalifa was in El Paso, Texas to headline at a music festival the Saturday prior to his arrest. It’s unknown why he was heading to the Dallas.

The TSA worker held Khalifa until the El Paso police arrived and took him into custody on a single charge of misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Soon after being taken into custody, Khalifa tweeted a photo of himself sitting in an El Paso jail cell along with the caption: “I wanna drop 28 Grams but they got me locced up. Soon as I get out, the tapes comin out. XXXX that,” Note: “28 Grams” is the name of Khalifa’s upcoming album. The album was scheduled for release on May 25, 2014, but it was pushed back due to Khalifa’s arrest.

Khalifa followed up by tweeting the following from his Twitter account: “They’re tryna figure out how many grams I had. “How ironic.” Several media agencies report the star was taking advantage of his arrest to bring more attention to his upcoming album.

So, how much marijuana was Khalifa holding during the time of his arrest? According to police reports, Khalifa has roughly 0.5 grams of marijuana on his person’s while attempting to travel through the El Paso airport.

Khalifa posted his $300 bail and was released from the El Paso jail. Other than the rap star’s tweets, there’s been no official comment on Khalifa’s marijuana arrest.

Khalifa isn’t a newcomer to marijuana possession charges. In 2012, the rap star was arrested twice for possession of marijuana: one incident occurring in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and other occurring in Nashville, Tennessee. Two years prior, in 2010, Khalifa was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana during his “Waken Bake” tour at East Carolina University.

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