Grand Theft Charge for Travel Agent
Grand Theft Charge for Travel Agent
A travel agent who worked with clients throughout Southern California was charged with grand theft and theft by fraud after misappropriating client funds. Abdel Rojas, who worked as a travel agent for years, began diverting client funds intended to pay for travel and vacations.

Rojas, who operated AGS Services Travel in Garden Grove, began issuing itineraries for clients without actually booking flights and hotel accommodations. Many customers – some who had done business with Rojas for years – were left in the lurch when their vacation plans fizzled. One client said he had received a call from the airline that he and his wife were planning to fly, saying that their reservations had been canceled. Other travelers found that their accommodations had never been booked, even though they paid Rojas for his services.

Rojas, who also operated under the name ANS Travel and Visa Travel, told one client that he was having money problems because of a bad investment. According to police, Rojas misappropriated more than $50,000 from his clients.

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