Grand theft arrest in Ojai
Grand theft arrest in Ojai
An Ojai homeowner accused her housekeeper of the theft of a number of pieces of expensive jewelry. According to the homeowner, the thefts occurred between September and December 2015. Lacking sufficient evidence, the Ojai Police Department set up a sting operation, promising the woman more work. After detaining the woman at a traffic stop, detectives discovered that she was in possession of jewelry taken from the victim’s home. She was charged with grand theft

Housecleaner charged with grand theft

At the time of her arrest, the housekeeper was wearing a $12,000 diamond necklace and had a $7,000 diamond ring in her purse, both of which had been reported stolen. The jewelry was returned to the homeowner. In addition, a man who accompanied the housekeeper was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Conviction for work-related offenses will not only result in the loss of your job, but will also make recovering from your conviction difficult, if not impossible. Employers will be reluctant to hire you once you’ve been released from prison because they don’t want to take a chance that you will victimize them as well. In addition, convictions for certain offenses like theft may make you ineligible to be bonded, something some employers require when hiring people to perform certain types of work, like housecleaning. Don’t let a grand theft accusation ruin your career.

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