Fraud suspects on the run
Fraud suspects on the run
Homeowners throughout Ventura County and Southern California are being advised to have their homes inspected by a certified structural engineer after authorities determined that two men posing as structural engineers engaged in an extensive pattern of fraud between 2003 and 2014. The men, former employees of the Palos Verdes Engineering Corporation, created structural drawings for homes in 56 cities throughout Southern California, even though neither man was a structural engineer.

Fraud may have created unsafe buildings

Wilfredo Rodriguez and Ruben Gutierrez, who have not been located, are also suspected of grand theft, corporate identity theft and forgery.

According to investigators, the men stole the company’s software and official seals and signatures to forge documents. The company says the men did not currently work for the company but had worked for the company in the past. Investigators are concerned that buildings and additions built based on the men’s drawings could be dangerous.

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