Fraud Suspect Sentenced to Two Years
Fraud Suspect Sentenced to Two Years
A Woodland Hills man who pleaded guilty to insurancefraud will spend two years in jail. According to investigators, the man filed a phony insurance claim on damage to his car. Police say the man damaged his vehicle in a crash while illegally off-roading in Hungry Valley State Park. He then filed an insurance claim with his insurer.

The insurance company became suspicious of the claim and repeatedly asked for clarification about the damages from the man. The claimant repeatedly lied to the company about the nature of the damage to the vehicle. Eventually however, the man confessed to the actual source of the damages. During his sentencing hearing, the man sought a stay to delay his incarceration, which the judge denied. In addition to spending two years in jail, the judge required the man to pay $3,821 in restitution to the insurance company. The judge imposed a jail term in part because the man has a history of prior convictions. As part of his plea deal, the man pleaded guilty to a single count of insurance fraud. Prosecutors dropped 12 additional counts of insurance fraud and 48 other special allegations related to the case.

Woodland Hills Fraud Attorney

When you face charges related to fraudulent insurance claims, hire an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has 35 years of experience in criminal defense. He takes cases in Ventura County and throughout Southern California.

Prosecutors sometimes overcharge a defendant, and the prospect of facing that much time can be alarming. When this happens to you, you need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. This case illustrates how a plea agreement can work in the defendant’s favor. By getting the bulk of the charges and enhancements dropped, the man will spend two years in the County Jail. The alternative could have been years in state prison. Additionally, the history of felony convictions put the defendant at risk of a second strike. California’s Three Strikes Law extends prison terms for second felony convictions, so the defense attorney’s work here is critical.

Don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney and don’t assume that there’s nothing you can do to defend yourself. Contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (805) 273-5611, (310) 456-3317 or (818) 591-2809 for an immediate consultation on your Ventura County fraud case.

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