Fraud Suspect Arrested In Ventura
Fraud Suspect Arrested In Ventura
Ventura police arrested a woman suspected of fraud, identity theft, grand theft, perjury, drug possession for sale and insurance fraud. An identity theft victim reported that someone used her identity to rent an apartment. The same person also applied for and received more than $10,000 in state welfare benefits.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for the apartment, and arrested the suspect there. At the apartment, they collected evidence that linked the suspect to other identity thefts. As a result of the search, they also believe the suspect sold drugs from the home.

Ventura Fraud Attorney

Fraud is usually a financial crime. In this case, the State of California is the victim. The state investigate and prosecutes misappropriation of welfare benefits because most welfare funds come from the federal government. The state could likely lose federal welfare funds if they do not fully investigate and prosecute benefit theft. If a prosecutor accuses you of fraud of any type, you should seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend.

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