Fraud Sentence for Oxnard Tax Preparer
Fraud Sentence for Oxnard Tax Preparer
A federal judge sentenced an Oxnard tax preparer and former teacher to prison for fraud. Rodrigo Lozano received a 10-year sentence for filing more than $56 million in fraudulent income tax returns.

Lozano, 61, of Oxnard applied for and received thousands of individual taxpayer identification numbers, which undocumented immigrants can use to file tax returns. Federal investigators say that Lozano filed more than 13,000 fraudulent tax returns over a two-year period beginning in 2011.

Lozano and other conspirators fabricated identification documents, which they used to request ITIN numbers. They combined the numbers with fictitious W-2 forms, and fabricated dependents to maximize child-related tax deductions.

The Internal Revenue Service flagged the documents as false, but Lozano ordered his employees to file the phony returns anyway. He operated out of a number of locations in Oxnard.

In addition to the prison sentence, the judge ordered Lozano to repay $23 million in fraudulent refunds.

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