Fraud Plea in Oxnard Illegal Foreclosure Case
Fraud Plea in Oxnard Illegal Foreclosure Case
A former Thousand Oaks real estate agent admitted to foreclosure fraud last month. According to prosecutors, the man accepted $40,000 in fees from clients to help them avoid foreclosure in Oxnard.

After accepting funds, Sanchez promised two Oxnard homeowners that he would help them avoid foreclosure. He then said he would negotiate with their lenders on their behalf. Instead, he provided virtually no assistance to the homeowners. Subsequently, one person lost his home.

The District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud unit investigated the homeowners’ claims. When he acted fraudulently as their agent, the man prevented the homeowners from receiving legitimate foreclosure avoidance assistance.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful foreclosure and also admitted two special allegations of fraud. He will return to court in November for sentencing. At that time, he is likely to receive a 365-day jail sentence and will be required to make full restitution to the victims.

Oxnard Fraud Lawyer

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