Fraud Convictions for Separate Auto Cases
Fraud Convictions for Separate Auto Cases
According to the Ventura County District Attorney, four defendants pleaded guilty to insurance fraud in three separate cases.

IN the first case, a man with an existing felony conviction attempted to persuade his insurance company to repair his truck. He damaged the truck while off-roading illegally in Hungry Valley State Park. The defendant submitted a false insurance claim to repair significant damage to the vehicle. In an effort to get payment, he repeatedly lied to the insurance company about the damage. Because the man has previous felony convictions, he could receive a sentence of up to 10 years. He will return to court in May for sentencing.

To men who conspired to commit arson and insurance fraud also pleaded guilty. In this case, a Thousand Oaks man paid an Oxnard man to burn the man’s Prius. He then attempted to collect an insurance payout on the car. Both men will return to court next week for sentencing. The owner of the car has already paid full restitution to the insurance company. He has also paid a $1,200 fine to the Oxnard Fire Department and $660 to Toyota.

The third defendant, a Ventura woman initially faced six felony counts of Insurance fraud and one felony count of commercial burglary. In a plea deal, she agreed to plead guilty to two counts of insurance fraud. The court will drop the remaining charges at sentencing next week. The charges arose following a car accident in 2017.

Ventura Fraud Lawyer

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