Fraud Conviction Sends Camarillo Man To Prison
Fraud Conviction Sends Camarillo Man To Prison
A Camarillo man will spend nine years in prison following his conviction on fraud charges. Charles Smith, 67, pleaded guilty to a slew of felonies earlier this year. They include multiple counts of money laundering, grand theft and forgery, along with a number of special allegations.

Smith, who worked at the Camarillo Airport, sold two long-term leases for airplane hangars at the airport to an individual. He then transferred the leases to two other people, without the victim’s knowledge. Following the transfer of the leases, he led the victim to believe he was receiving income from the leases. Over seven years, Smith received more than $750,000 from the leases, but gave the victim nothing. The judge in the case has not yet finalized the restitution order in the case. The court will hold a restitution hearing for the case on November 7.

Camarillo Fraud Attorney

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