Fraud Conviction for Ojai Woman
Fraud Conviction for Ojai Woman
An Ojai woman admitted to fraud for filing more than $125,000 in false insurance claims. Initially, prosecutors charged the woman with 30 counts of felony insurance fraud. As part of a plea agreement, she admitted to 11 counts. She also admitted to two special allegations. They include excessive taking of more than $65,000 and a white-collar crime enhancement for taking more than $100,000. The Prosecutor’s Office dropped the remaining felony charges against her.

The woman worked for a local medical office and submitted the false claims to AFLAC over 33 months. She will return to Ventura County Superior Court on March 21, 2018 for sentencing. Each felony insurance fraud charge can result in a sentence of up to five years. The defendant could also receive an additional sentence of 1-5 years for the excessive taking and white-collar enhancements.

Ojai Fraud Lawyer

When you face fraud charges, hire an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years in criminal courtroom defense. He has represented thousands of Californians in his more than 3 decades of service.

His first priority will be to get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. This approach can result in your freedom, or reduce the severity of a sentence. Avoiding felony convictions in California is essential, since a felony history can result in extended sentencing, or even lifetime imprisonment.

When getting charges reduced or eliminated isn’t possible, Mr. Helfend will work toward the best possible outcome for your case. This can include restitution or alternative sentencing. An experienced defense attorney is your best strategy when facing felony charges.

Don’t risk your freedom on an inexperienced attorney and don’t assume that you have no defense options.

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