Fraud Conviction Lands Ventura Worker In Jail
Fraud Conviction Lands Ventura Worker In Jail
A former Community Memorial Hospital employee will spend 60 days in jail following a fraud conviction. According to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, the worker filed a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim. The woman filed the 2015 claim after she supposedly injured her shoulder at work.

An investigation showed that the woman sought medical treatment for the injury, which she received at home. The woman filed a second workers’ compensation claim after she reported that she contracted meningitis from a patient at the hospital. In reality, the woman’s live-in boyfriend contracted meningitis.

As part of her sentence, the woman will serve 60 days in the Ventura County Jail. She will also pay more than $26,000 in restitution and serve five years of supervised probation.

Ventura Fraud Attorney

When you face fraud charges in Ventura County, hire an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years of criminal courtroom defense experience. In his more than three decades of practice, he has provided thousands of Southern Californians with excellent representation and counsel.

Fraud is normally a crime of opportunity and it is most often committed by someone familiar with the victim. In many cases, the need for money – rather than a desire to hurt the victim – motivates the crime.

While punishment for a crime is a goal of the justice system, courts recognize that restitution is a fraud victim’s primary goal. Long prison sentences may have significant deterrent value, but they also ensure that the victim will not receive compensation.

When a conviction is unavoidable, an aggressive attorney can help balance the twin goals of punishment and restitution. By promoting a short sentence, a good defense attorney can both minimize his client’s incarceration and provide the greatest opportunity for restitution.

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