Fraud Conviction for Former Fillmore Resident
Fraud Conviction for Former Fillmore Resident
A former Fillmore resident will spend 36 months on probation for workers’ compensation fraud. The man pleaded guilty to making false statements in order to get insurance benefits. In addition to probation, the man also served 180 days in the county jail and will repay nearly $28,000.

According to prosecutors, the man worked for a local trucking firm. He injured his shoulder in 2010, while on the job. He received temporary full disability status and had surgery to repair the injury in September 2010. As part of his claim, he received two-thirds of his regular compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits are tax-free.

About 18 months after the surgery, the company discovered that the man was engaging in activities that his injury would supposedly prevent. The company referred the matter to its insurance provider. The insurance company hired private investigators to evaluate the man’s condition.

After conducting hours of video surveillance, the investigators determined that the man was no longer impaired by his injury. The video surveillance showed the man working on cars at his home and lifting heavy objects. In July 2012, the man gave a deposition regarding the status of his injuries, during which he lied under oath.

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