Fraud Complaint by Ventura Woman Leads To Arrest
Fraud Complaint by Ventura Woman Leads To Arrest
An elderly Ventura woman lodged a fraud complaint against a Bakersfield couple. The couple faces 11 counts each of theft from an elder and grand theft. They also face three counts of money laundering. and a white-collar enhancement for allegedly stealing more than $100,000.

In addition, the man faces multiple counts of felony vandalism and contracting without a license. According to the District Attorney’s Office, the man has a criminal history of contracting without a license.

According to the victim, she hired the man to remodel her Ventura home in 2016. At the time, she believed he was a licensed contractor. The man charged the victim for goods and services that he did not provide. He requested that the victim make all payments to his accomplice.

Investigators say that the victim paid more than $170,000 to the couple. They used the money for personal purchases. At the same time, the phony contractor damaged the victim’s home, rendering it uninhabitable.

The Contractors’ State License Board and the District Attorney’s Office cooperatively investigated the case. The couple each remain jailed in the Todd Road Jail on bonds of $500,000. They will next appear in court on January 8, 2018.

Ventura Fraud Attorney

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