Fraud Charges Snare Camarillo Couple
Fraud Charges Snare Camarillo Couple
A Camarillo couple faces 19 felony counts related to a fraud scheme. Prosecutors accuse the couple of purchasing cars on credit and reselling them without disclosing the lien.

The couple would advertise a car for sale, stating that the car had a clear title. The couple would then offer to write a lower sales price on the bill of sale to lower the sales tax. Once the vehicle changed hands, the sellers would notify the buyer of the lien and informed them that the car would be repossessed if the buyer did not return the car. When the buyer brought the car back, the couple would only offer the amount on the bill of sale in return.

Prosecutors know of six different victims and calculated their losses in excess of $40,000. Investigators believe the couple may have defrauded other victims. In some cases, the victims sued the suspects in civil court. Despite judgments against them, the couple continued to operate the scam until their arrest.

They face 19 felony charges, including multiple counts of grand theft, preparing false documents, conspiracy, perjury, attempted grand theft of personal property and unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle. They also face one misdemeanor count of acting as a salesman without a license.

The couple remain jailed on $150,000 bonds. Their most recent court appearance was November 15.

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