Fraud Charges Dismissed Against Ojai Marijuana Coop CEO
Fraud Charges Dismissed Against Ojai Marijuana Coop CEO
A Ventura County Superior Court judge dropped criminal charges against Jeffrey Kroll, the president and co-founder of the Shangri La Care Cooperative in Ojai. Kroll faced dozens of felony charges, including fraud, manufacturing cannabis and maintaining a place for selling or using marijuana. He also faced charges of conspiracy to sell marijuana. In addition, prosecutors charged Kroll with tax code violations, including failing to file income tax reports as well as filing false tax returns.

Prosecutors accused Kroll of wildly inflating the price of marijuana charged to co-op members. They also claimed that Kroll was manufacturing cannabis oil within 250 feet of a school. They also accused Kroll of redirecting co-op funds into his personal accounts.

The Court dropped some of the charges against Kroll at an earlier hearing. In that hearing, Superior Court Judge Michelle Castillo ruled that the prosecutors did not have sufficient evidence to proceed with their case. In the most recent hearing, Judge Michael Leif ruled that the prosecutors had failed to properly file charges against Kroll, so he dropped the remaining charges.

After the hearing, prosecutors vowed to refile charges against Kroll. According to procedural rules, they have three years to refile misdemeanor charges. They also have four years to refile felony charges. Two other Shangri La officers face trial on related charges, including conspiracy, misdemeanor possession and misdemeanor transportation.

In a separate action, co-op members filed a $12M lawsuit against Ventura County for its role in shutting down the co-op. In that lawsuit, co-op members claim that the county’s illegal pursuit of the co-op denied them access to medical marijuana. Several co-op patients have died since the co-op stopped operating, and several others are near death.

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