Fraud Charges For Card Skimming Crew
Fraud Charges For Card Skimming Crew
Camarillo police arrested three Glendale men for conspiracy, forgery, identity theft and fraudulent use of a card scanning device. Additionally, one man faces a charge of destroying evidence. A gas station owner observed the men attempting to orchestrate a fraud, using credit card skimmers. The station owner had just purchased a new video surveillance system. He was testing it out when he saw the three men tampering with the station’s gas pumps.

He contacted police who responded to the scene and arrested the men. While on scene, the police determined that the pumps at the station had credit card skimmers. In addition, police discovered evidence connecting the men to a credit card skimming operation.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office is currently holding two of the men on a $250,000 bond. The third man is not eligible for bail due to a parole violation. All three men will appear in Ventura County Superior Court on October 11.

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