Fraud Charge Nabs Ventura County Retailer
Fraud Charge Nabs Ventura County Retailer
A man with business interests in Ventura County pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. He also pleaded guilty to sales tax evasion, filing false tax returns and failing to pay taxes on employee wages. In addition, he accepted responsibility for two special enhancements – white collar crime and excessive taking.

The man, Jeong Hwan Kim, 59, of Los Angeles operated more than 50 retail clothing stores in Southern California. He had stores in Los Angeles County as well as Orange County, San Diego County and Ventura County.

Investigators from the Department of Insurance say that Kim failed to report more than $29 million in retail sales. He also failed to accurately report $39 million in taxable income and $8 million in employee wages. By under-reporting, Kim evaded tax payments of nearly $6 million and reduced workers’ compensation insurance premiums by $350,000.

As part of his sentence agreement, Kim will repay more than $7.6 million in restitution and will serve two years in the county jail. If he does not complete the restitution within six months, he faces a sentence of 17 years in prison.

Ventura Fraud Lawyer

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