Fraud Charge for Local Couple
Fraud Charge for Local Couple
A husband-and-wife team from Beverly Hills have been charged with fraud in a workers’ compensation scam. According to prosecutors, the pair recruited doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and provide unnecessary treatments paid for through the workers’ compensation insurance program.

The couple used three wholly owned companies to perpetrate the fraud. They paid kickbacks to the doctors and pharmacists around the state for participating in the scam. Between 2011 and 2015, the couple collected more than $23 million in payments from the fund. In addition to the couple, prosecutors charged 21 doctors and five pharmacists for their roles in the scheme.

The participants overbilled insurance companies, ordered bogus tests and provided sham treatments to more than 13,000 patients. If convicted on all charges, the couple faces more than 100 years in prison. Investigators from the California Department of Insurance

Ventura Fraud Attorney

Both the state and the federal government aggressively prosecute fraud cases that target government funded programs. If you’re facing fraud charges in Ventura County or in another Southern California jurisdiction, you need the assistance of an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend has practiced criminal defense in Ventura County and throughout Southern California for more than 30 years. He knows what it takes to deliver an effective, aggressive defense. He uses a multi-pronged approach that seeks to reduce or dismiss charges against his clients. Avoiding felony convictions is essential in California, because each felony conviction results in a “strike” against you. California’s Three Strikes Law provides increased penalties for successive felony convictions.

When dismissal isn’t a possibility, he will work toward the best possible result for his clients. Don’t count on an inexperienced attorney, or one who won’t fight aggressively for your freedom.

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