Fraud charge from investment scam
Fraud charge from investment scam
A Ventura man was arrested and charged with fraud related to an investment scam that operated for nearly a decade. Gilbert Infante has been charged with securities fraud, elder fraud, grand theft, identity theft, forgery and an aggravated white collar crime enhancement. According to authorities, Infante is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from dozens of victims throughout Ventura County.

Fraud involved fake securities

Infante is accused of soliciting investments from victims to develop and promote sports-related products that he claimed he owned patents for. He also claimed to have negotiated royalties and licensing agreements between himself and major sports franchises. No such agreements existed, and Infante did not own any patents for any inventions.

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Fraud can cause serious, long-lasting problems for you that go beyond incarceration. If convicted, you could face a lengthy prison sentence. In most cases, even once your sentence has been served, the punishment may continue. You could have difficulty finding employment and housing; you may also be restricted from holding certain types of employment or you may need to surrender any professional credentials and licenses you hold.

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