Fraud Charge for Santa Paula Police Officer
Fraud Charge for Santa Paula Police Officer

A Santa Paula police officer faces fraud charges following an off-duty automobile accident. The officer, a decorated 10-year veteran of the police force, allegedly made false statements regarding the crash.

The officer allegedly swore that he did not know any of the persons involved in the accident. Investigators say, however, that one of the drivers was a former Santa Paula police officer whom the defendant knew. The crash occurred in January 2018 in Ventura. The Santa Paula officer who now faces charges witnessed the collision.

Authorities say that the Ventura police did not respond to the accident scene. Instead, the witnesses made statements directly to the insurance company. The collision involved property damage, but no injuries.

In April 2018, Ventura County prosecutors notified Santa Paula officials that they were investigating the officer for the incident. The Police Department placed the officer on administrative leave at that time. He has not returned to duty since then. The accused officer will return to court on February 14th for arraignment. He posted a $10,000 bond and remains free.

Santa Paula Fraud Attorney

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