Fraud Charge for Oxnard Woman
Fraud Charge for Oxnard Woman
An Oxnard woman is being sought by police in Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County in connection with the thefts of wallets from restaurant patrons in Walnut Creek over the summer. Eva Coleman, 47, of Oxnard and Crystal Pratt, 32, of Oakland are suspected of committing similar thefts in Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties. Warrants were issued for the women, who are accused of multiple counts of burglary, identity theft and credit cardfraud.

The women were identified as suspects in the thefts following the release of video surveillance footage, and a request for information from Walnut Creek Police Department. A tip identified Pratt by name. A probation-related search of Pratt’s residence turned up several stolen credit cards, but she and Coleman fled the area and have not yet been located. Additional charges may be authorized against the women, based on the property recovered from Pratt’s residence. Bail for Pratt has been set at $285,000. Bail for Coleman has been set at $185,000.

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