Fraud charge for insurance adjuster
Fraud charge for insurance adjuster
A former insurance adjuster was charged with fraud after embezzling more than $400,000 in insurance proceeds from insurance claims related to fire losses in the Los Angeles area.

Jose Manuel Villa, 60, of San Clemente, was investigated by the California Department of Insurance following a number of complaints from individuals. The investigation revealed that Villa forged claim checks issued by insurance companies and redirected the money to himself.

Villa, operating as a public adjuster, approached clients to have his company, Statewide Claims Adjusters, manage the claims on their fire-damaged homes. Instead of forwarding claim checks to lenders, homeowners or contractors, Villa used the money for his personal expenses. In some cases, Villa hired unlicensed contractors to perform work, or refused to pay contractors for work they had done. In one case, substandard work done by an unlicensed contractor caused a second fire at a property and caused additional damage.

Villa surrendered his public adjuster license following his arrest.

Ventura fraud attorney

Defrauding insurance companies can result in serious consequences in the State of California. Insurance is a licensed profession, which means that you can jeopardize your professional credentials if you’re convicted of fraud, embezzlement or grand theft. If you’re suspected of committing fraud in Ventura County, you need the assistance of an experienced Ventura County fraud attorney like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend provides superior criminal defense for a wide range of court actions, including fraud. His first priority will be to get charges against you reduced or dropped. Overzealous prosecutors often “over-charge” defendants in the hope that they can make additional charges stick, or to intimidate a defendant into pleading guilty to one or more charges.

Mr. Helfend will represent you aggressively in court, and will fight for your rights and freedom. He handles each case personally, and has more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense in Southern California courtrooms.
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