Former SeaWorld Attorney Pleads in Securities Fraud Case
Former SeaWorld Attorney Pleads in Securities Fraud Case
A former attorney for SeaWorld pleaded guilty to securities fraud in an insider trading scheme. According to prosecutors, the man used unreleased earnings information to time a major stock purchase.

The man purchased 18,000 shares of the company’s stock just days before it announced better-than-expected quarterly earnings. Following the announcement, the share price rose more than $4.25 per share. He then sold the stock, reaping a profit of nearly $65,000.

By purchasing company shares, the man violated both company policy and federal securities laws. The man should have sought permission from the company’s general counsel to both purchase and sell shares. Federal authorities contacted the company late in 2018 to inquire about the stock purchase and sale. SeaWorld conducted an internal investigation and determined that the man had used inside information to make his purchase decision.

In federal court last week, the man pleaded guilty to securities fraud as part of a plea agreement. The US District Court for the Middle District of Florida has not yet set a date for sentencing. At sentencing, the court will determine penalties, including incarceration, disgorgement and fines. The maximum penalty for insider trading is 20 years in prison and as much as a $5 million fine.

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