crimesceneA former data analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to crash a political event hosted by Army General David Petraeus, who coincidentally was a former CIA director.

Police say 75-year-old Ray McGovern, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and misdemeanor resisting arrest while attempting to gain entry to an event held on the Upper East Side’s 92nd St. Y. The incident occurred on Thursday night, with McGovern spending one night in jail before posting bail the following day.

Here’s the kicker, though: McGovern told news reporters that he purchased a $45 ticket to attend the event. Nonetheless, guards on site prevented the former CIA analyst from entering the premises, allegedly telling McGovern that he was “not welcome here.” Video footage obtained from witnesses shows police twisting McGovern’s arm behind his back as McGovern screams in pain. There’s also blood visible on McGovern’s pants during the video.

So, why was McGovern trying to attend the event in the first place? Reports suggest that he was going to grill General Petraeus on a number of different topics, one of which was his questioning of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2006 — more specifically, the way in which Petraeus made false statements about Iraqi possessing weapons of mass destruction and its ties with the terrorist organization Al-Queda. McGovern added that he wanted to ask Petraeus if he was willing to come out of retirement to retrain the Iraqi army, perhaps doing the job better this time around.

McGovern wrote the following regarding Petraeus and the CIA’s position in Iraq and Afghanistan back in 2010:

What if CIA analysts assess(ed)” his Iraq and Afghanistan performance as failure? Would he accept or punish critical analysis? The Petraeus appointment also suggests that the President places little value on getting the straight scoop on these key war-related issues. If he did want the kind of intelligence analysis that, at times, could challenge the military, why is he giving the CIA job to a general with a huge incentive to gild the lily regarding the ‘progress’ made under his command?

After University cops arrested McGovern, the former CIA analyst was transferred to the police station at 100 Center Street ahead of arraignment. He remained here for the night, posting bail the following morning. No details have been released regarding his court date.

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