Embezzlement Suspect in Simi Valley Returns To Court
Embezzlement Suspect in Simi Valley Returns To Court
A Simi Valley woman accused of embezzlement will return to court in January. According to prosecutors, the woman stole nearly $400,000 from her employer over a period of five years.

The woman worked as a bookkeeper for a local family-owned plumbing firm. Investigators say that she spent the money on personal purchases, travel and her children’s baseball events. Simi Valley police sought an arrest warrant for the woman in October following an investigation into the theft. According to investigators, the thefts may date as far back as 2010. Police arrested her at her home and transported her to the Ventura County Main Jail. She posted a bond of $50,000 and remains free.

In November, prosecutors charged her with six felony counts of grand theft. She also faces a single felony count of using a computer to commit fraud. The woman has entered a not guilty plea on all charges. She will return to court on January 7 for matters related to her case.

Simi Valley Embezzlement Attorney

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A conviction for theft from an employer can have a long-lasting effect on you. In addition to potential jail time, the court will make restitution part of any sentence. Once you’ve been released, you may have difficulty finding a job or maintaining professional licenses or credentials.

That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Mr. Helfend manages each client case personally. That means you’ll have the benefit of his extensive experience in criminal defense. You’ll work with him directly and he will be with you at every step of your case.

Having an attorney means that you’ll have a reliable, experienced advisor to defend you. You’ll also be able to make informed decisions about your case. Don’t rely on inexperience and don’t attempt to represent yourself in court.

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