Embezzlement Suspect Arrested in Thousand Oaks
Embezzlement Suspect Arrested in Thousand Oaks
A Thousand Oaks office manager faces embezzlement charges for stealing more than $100,000 from two local businesses. According to police, a Ventura business owner fired his office manager because he suspected theft. The business owner turned the matter over to Ventura police.

The police investigation revealed that the woman had transferred money from the business to herself. They also discovered that the woman stole $60,000 from another Ventura business in a similar way. She faces 10 felony counts of grand theft and 12 special allegations of excessive loss. Prosecutors also charged her with 12 special allegations of aggravated white-collar crime. In addition, she faces one felony charge of identity theft and one felony forgery charge and two related special allegations.

The judge in the case gave the woman a bail of $80,000 and ordered her to appear again in court on July 31 for matters related to the case. In 2003, the woman pled guilty to a single charge of grand theft exceeding $50,000 and a charge of fraud by computer. In exchange for those pleas, the court dismissed a second grand theft charge and a forgery charge. She received probation in the earlier case.

Thousand Oaks embezzlement attorney

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