Embezzlement Scheme Lands Camarillo Man, Lawyer In Court
Embezzlement Scheme Lands Camarillo Man, Lawyer In Court
A Camarillo man accused of embezzlement in Santa Barbara County will appear for a preliminary hearing next week. Prosecutors say that the man partnered with a local attorney to fleece senior citizens of more than $1.2 million dollars. The scheme allegedly ran between 2011 and 2016. Authorities in Santa Barbara arrested the pair, but the attorney claims that he had nothing to do with the fraud.

The primary suspect located victims through a church in Carpinteria and also a legal aid business he operated. According to the Department of Insurance investigators, one defendant convinced people to invest their money with him. He offered to invest on their behalf or manage their money. After taking the money, he diverted it for his own personal use. He also used the power of attorney privileges to repay other victims or issue promissory notes.

According to investigators, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission sanctioned him in 2007 for soliciting funds under false pretenses. In that case, he failed to pay the nearly $700,000 in sanctions that the commission ordered him to.

CDI investigators say that the primary suspect received help from his attorney co-defendant in at least one case. The attorney, however, claims that his co-defendant also defrauded him. The attorney is the managing partner of a Pasadena mediation firm that the other defendant founded.

Camarillo Embezzlement Lawyer

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