Bookkeeper Charged with Embezzlement
Bookkeeper Charged with Embezzlement
A Santa Paula woman was charged with embezzlement, following a two-year investigation. Tammy Jean Ferguson, 55, served as the bookkeeper for the Blanchard Community Library. Investigators allege that Ferguson may have taken more than $750,000 in the decade-long embezzlement scheme.

Embezzlement claim arises from Board of Directors

Ferguson was fired in May 2013 after an internal investigation concluded that Ferguson used a library-issued credit card for personal purchases, withdrew cash from an ATM using a library-issued debit card. Ferguson is also accused of falsifying financial reports to disguise the embezzlement.

The embezzlement investigation was spurred after a member of the library’s Board of Directors visited a local bank to enquire about the status of Certificates of Deposit, which Ferguson said she had purchased for the library, and reported on to the Board. The bank informed the directory that the library did not own any CDs purchased through the bank. Ferguson was hired by the library in 2003 and served as its only financial officer from the time she was hired until her termination in 2013.

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